One year later . . .

Last year, I started this blog with the best of intentions. I got about 300 words into an article about three days I spent as part of the audience at the taping of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah when they came to Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre. However, I realized that it was rapidly headed toward a rather unfair comparison of Noah with the show’s previous star, Jon Stewart, whose groundbreaking 16 year stint overwhelmed the the newbie’s fledgling offerings.

“Having been a major fan of the show when  Jon Stewart hosted it for a fifteen-year run, I struggled to adjust to the new host’s style and humor.  Perhaps it is generational, but I just don’t think Noah is as clever or as funny as Stewart,” I wrote. Recently there has been talk of a major cable network provider dropping the show and the Comedy Central channel, relegating the show to You Tube limbo. Perhaps I’ll revisit that story if this happens.

Encouraged by some who know me, I have decided to finally start writing here on a regular basis. I will make a disciplined effort to write something of substance every week.


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